Icon Legend

In Museum listings, you will see small Accessibility and Services icons to help identify the level of accessibility and services associated with that museum. The following legend expains the meaning of each icon:


  • Accessible
    No physical barriers into or around the building (including key amenities and services) for individuals with limited mobility, including wheelchair users
  • Partially Accessible
    Partially Accessible
    No physical barriers to enter the building, however barriers are present within the building for individuals with limited mobility, including wheelchair users
  • Support Person
    Support Person
    A support person accompanying a visitor with disabilities will be allowed to stay with the visitor at all times (may be provided with free or discounted admission depending on venue)
  • Braille
    Indicates that printed matter is available in Braille, including exhibition labelling, publications and signage.
  • Large Print
    Large Print
    Indicates that large print versions of books, pamphlets, museum guides and theatre programs are available. (Large print font size: 16-20)
  • Assistive Listening Systems
    Assistive Listening Systems
    Indicate that assistive listening systems are available for the event or visit. (the systems may include infrared, loop and FM systems.)
  • ASL interpreted tours
    ASL interpreted tours
    ASL interpreted tours to visitors who are deaf or have hearing loss and use American Sign Language
  • Support Animals
    Support Animals
    A service animal may accompany a visitor
  • Elevator
    Elevator access available on premises


  • Gift Shop
    Gift Shop
    Gift shop on premises
  • Parking
    Parking available on premises or nearby
  • Guided Tours
    Guided Tours
    Guided tours are available for the general public
  • Camping
    Camping is available on site or nearby
  • Change Tables/Family Room
    Change Tables/Family Room
    There are family rooms or change tables provided on site
  • Restaurant
    Restaurant/Cafeteria/Eating area on site
  • Heritage Garden
    Heritage Garden
    Heritage Gardens on premise or nearby
  • Wi-Fi
    Site specific
  • Public Transportation
    Public Transportation
    Private or local transportation stop on site or nearby.
  • Wedding Services
    Wedding Services
    Space available onsite for wedding ceremony and/or reception services.
  • Facilities Rental
    Facilities Rental
    Rental space available onsite for private functions, workshops, special events etc.

Please contact the site before visiting for additional information about accessibility and services.