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Canadian Museums Association - The Value of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) in Canada  and the GLAM Toolkit

Read the results of a study of the economic, eduational and wellbeing vlaue of GLAMs in Canada and use the toolkit to use the information to share the value of museums with your community and stakeholders.

Download the Value Study of GLAMs in Canada.

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Tourism and Ontario Museums

A brief overview of museums as vital tourism assets in Ontario. Published in 2019.

Download the handout here.

Ontario Museums in Rural Communities

A brief handout describing how museums contribute to rural communities in Ontario. Published in 2019.

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Museums and Your Municipality

A brief overview of how museums contibute to municipalities and how municipalities can support museums. Published in 2018.

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Ontario's Museums Handout

A brief handout describing Ontario's museum sector characteristics. 

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Diversity Census Tool and Inclusion Survey Executive Summary 

The Diversity Census Tool (DCT) is a tool developed by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), a leader in helping organizations address the full scope of diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace. The tool is effective in tracking perspectives and demographic data on diversity and inclusion within your organization. Having the goal to make museums more relevant as leaders in fostering belonging and sense of well-being, the OMA and ROM adapted the Diversity Census Tool for a museum’s perspective to gain insights into the levels of diversity and inclusion within Ontario museums. Results from the DCT will help us understand where diversity and inclusion is being practiced and what areas need further development to help make stronger and more welcoming organizations. The executive summary was presented at the OMA Annual Conference in 2018.

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Inclusion 2025: A Practitioner's Guide to Inclusion Museums

 Informed in part by Ontario's Museums 2025, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport's 2016 Ontario's Culture Strategy, and  the Indigenous Collections Next Steps report, and with funding support from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, this project aims to inspire the Ontario museum sector to push the envelope on how museums can meaningfully engage diverse communities.

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Ontario's Museums 2025: Strategic Vision & Action Plan

Ontario's Museums 2025 seeks to reposition museums as powerhouse institutions within Ontario's cultural sector - institutions that contribute to strong societies and economies. It recommends 16 outcomes and 10 actions, based on four overarching goals - Vibrant & Vital Museums, Relevant & Meaningful Collections, Strong & Successful Sector, and Effective & Collaborative Workforce. 

Informed by a comprehensive two-year process that included broad consultation and engagement with the museum sector and stakeholders, this report presents a strong and unifying vision for renewal and excellence built on innovative ways of working and greater public relevancy for Ontario's museums.

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Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile

The first sector-wide report of its kind in more than a decade, Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile was prepared by Kelly Hill of Hill Strategies Research, and details the results of a survey completed by 184 museums for the fiscal year ending in 2014 or early 2015.

The OMA, Ontario's museums, funders and partners can use the 2014 Profile to inform decision-making, planning and advocacy. The OMA also plans to revisit the profile in subsequent years, for regular updates. As such, the Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile will serve as the foundation for building a comprehensive sector-wide profile that demonstrates the ongoing impact of Ontario's museums; enhances public accountability; and supports the creation of rich museum experiences benefitting the public.

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Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights


Ontario's Museums 2025 is complemented by Ontario's Museums 2014 Profile: Highlights. Analysed by Kelly Hill of Hill Strategies Research, and summarizing survey responses from 184 museums, the Highlights document begins the important work of building compelling evidence to demonstrate museum impacts and their social and economic contributions to Ontario's communities. It also identifies the realities of operating museums in Ontario today, and establishes a starting point from which to mark our progress as we work towards achieving Ontario's Museums 2025.

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CMOG Snapshot

Research into the sustainability of Ontario's community museums: CMOG snapshot 2000-2004: a summary of findings from financial and visitation data from Community Museum Operating Grant Program applications.

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