Strategic Plan

Towards 2025: The Ontario Museum Association's Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Since 2013, the Ontario Museum Association has been actively involved in a future visioning project for Ontario’s museum sector. Led by a Task Force of museum leaders, supported by the OMA, the work resulted in a forward-thinking vision for the sector known as Ontario’s Museums 2025: Strategic Vision and Action Plan. This work was informed by broad consultation with and participation of Ontario’s museum sector. The consultations surfaced current issues and trends faced by museums and identified the central role of the Ontario Museum Association in advocating for and supporting the sector. Concurrent to this work, the province also developed its first Culture Strategy. Ontario’s Museums 2025 was carefully considered by OMA’s Council in developing the OMA’s own Strategic Plan for 2016-2021. The resulting strategic plan Towards 2025: the Ontario Museum Association’s Strategic Plan establishes priorities for the OMA to address from Ontario’s Museums 2025’s 4 themes, 16 outcomes and 10 actions. At the same time, this Strategic Plan builds on the current strengths of the OMA, and the important work undertaken as part of the previous plan, Reinforcing Relevance.

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