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an image of a painting be Deborah Harris
see “a village dreams” ONLINE ONLY UNTIL JULY
Until July 31, 2021 (12:00 PM - 5:30 PM)

the village dreams – [a vicarious exhibition]


An online exhibit to explore until our galleries re-open in late July.


the village dreams of an occupation

an assembly of people with shared purpose

living a simple life

family and friends

from birth to death

witnessed and accountable

celebrated and consoled

a human journey

the village awaits


This exhibit is dedicated to Chip Piatti, a truly inspired architect and teacher, and our dear friend.

June 9, 1946 – Oct 8, 2020



Visit Gallery Arcturus – vicariously:


The Genesis Gallery online:

“a village dreams”

installations by deborah harris


Up North Gallery:

*paint things* by Eric McConnachie


Ascending Gallery:

+ sculpture, mobile, painting +


Collage Gallery:

works: Felsen, harris, Boyd, Kimura


The Library:

.Floyd Kuptana sculpture + .


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vicarious (adj.)

1630s, "taking the place of another," from Latin vicarius "that supplies a place; substituted, delegated," from vicis "a change, exchange, interchange; succession, alternation, substitution," from PIE root *weik- "to bend, to wind."

From 1690s as "done or experienced in place of another" (usually in reference to punishment, often of Christ); from 1929 as "experienced imaginatively through another."

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