Pairings: Cahill Furs and Black Honey

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Pairings: Cahill Furs and Black Honey
Jusqu'au April 3, 2024 (7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Perhaps you have an old fur in your closet that you are no longer wearing. If you would like to know what can be done with your heirloom or vintage furs, come and learn how Cahills is changing the way you see and enjoy your furs. Bring your old furs to the evening and listen to Rob Cahill discuss what can be done in 2024 to further the life of your items.  While listening to Rob, Black Honey Bakery will be sharing some samples of the treats you can buy at their store and Hutchison House will be providing tea and coffee.

Tickets are $10.  Reserve your seat by calling (705) 743-9710 or [email protected].


Hutchison House Museum
Public cible: 
adults, seniors
The Peterborough Historical Society, Cahill Furs and Black Honey BaKery
Rob Cahill
Contact pour billets / réservations: 
--the museum office at 705-743-9710