Brockville Museum Program

History Talks
Jusqu'au December 12, 2024

Explore Brockville's fascinating social and industrial history with the museum’s Community Program Coordinator on the second Thursday of the month at 2pm, featuring a different topic each month. Talks last about 45 minutes. Participants are encouraged to share their own stories and ask questions. $5/person (+HST). Includes a cup of tea.

2024 Dates & Topics (subject to change):

  • January 11: 20th Century Folk Art in Brockville
  • February 8: Brockville's Fraternal & Women's Associations
  • March 14: Brockville Newspapers (1821-1917)
  • April 11: Our American Neighbours - Brockville's Relationships with Morristown and America
  • May 9: How Fires have shaped Brockville Streetscapes
  • June 13: (Guest Speaker): Ship Spotting on the St. Lawrence River
    • Viktor Kaczkowski
  • July 11: Summer Sports in Brockville
  • August 8: Brockville's Dairy Industry
  • September 12: (Guest Speaker): Weaving Community with the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
    • Michael Rikley-Lancaster, Executive Director/ Curator of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
  • October 10: Brockville Crimes & Criminals
  • November 14: Blitz Magazine
  • December 12: History of Brockville Photo Studios
5 Henry Street Brockville Ontario
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