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Digital Skills Course: Digital Learning: Inside, Outside, and Way Beyond the Museum

COURSE DESCRIPTION Focusing on the mission-critical role of education programming, this course explores a diverse array of digital techniques, tools, and resources to create and support effective learning experiences. Whether fostering collaborations with schools or inviting the local community to share their stories, digital tools can reach a broad audience and foster innovative and inclusive learning environments. Each week students will engage in discussion, review case studies, and participate in activities that will build towards the creation of a plan for a digital educational experience, tailored to a specific audience and learning outcomes. CORE TOPICS INCLUDE: - Planning for a range of digital learning experiences suitable for onsite and online visitors - Exploring the educational potential of popular online media platforms (podcasts, YouTube, TikTok, etc…) - Understanding how digital experiences can support accessible & inclusive learning goals - Enhancing learning experiences for individuals and groups


Apr 22 - Jun 03, 2024


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