Osgoode Hall (The Law Society of Upper Canada) Exhibition

Fact or Fiction? exhibition panels
Fact or Fiction? Deciphering the Fence at Osgoode Hall
Until September 1, 2017

The fence is one of the most recognisable features of Osgoode Hall. Today it is one of the few remaining historical ornamental iron fences not only in Toronto, but in Canada as well.

The gates of the fence are the stuff of urban lore: were they really put up to prevent cows from munching on Osgoode Hall's manicured lawns?

The exhibition

This exhibition, three years in the making, uses images from all over the world. Most are from Toronto, including intriguing images from the 19th century, but also from Italy, Great Britain, Denmark and from southern France.

Learn the differences between cast iron and wrought iron and:

  • how cast iron was the plastic of the 19th century,
  • how kissing gates work,
  • how our use and our perception of fences have changed over time, and
  • how the fence may have protected the grounds of Osgoode Hall.

Decide for yourself whether the "cow" gates were really meant as cattle barriers…

Osgoode Hall
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The Law Society of Upper Canada