Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre Exhibition

Section of the Bird's Eye View exhibit of the Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre
Bird's Eye View
Jusqu'au November 25, 2017

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is a haven to over 273 birds and is rated one of the best places in the GTA to go birdwatching. Explore the variety of species that the park has to offer and learn about the different ways in which the community has been actively supporting these species. Bird's Eye View also features an original 6-minute documentary about the annual Whimbrel Watch, a touch-friendly feather display, and a habitat game to challenge birders of all experience levels.

During opening hours we have two binocular kits available for those heading into the park complete with binoculars, a map of birding hotspots, a visual list of common birds to keep an eye out for, and a notebook to keep track of sightings. Loan is FREE to all, we ask to hang on to a piece of personal ID while the kit is out.

2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Nature's Dance Photography, Friends of Sam Smith, Humber Arboretum, CCFEW, and Humber's Office of Sustainability