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Barrister's Jacket

Barrister's Jacket

Barrister’s dark green jacket (accession #1972.30.2) and accompanying
robes (accession #1972.30.1) belonging to and worn by Leslie Miscampbell
Frost. Measuring 18 inches at the shoulder, the jacket falls to 21 inches
while the robe falls to 49 inches in length. Both pieces are in good

Selected by Accession Office Supervisor Liz Henderson, her assistant
Britney Binger and Operations Supervisor Lisa Hart on behalf of The Olde
Gaol Museum – Victoria County Historical Society. This object was chosen
because of the various points of historical interest, both local and
provincial, inherent in the life of Lesley Frost from WWI veteran to the
legal profession and on to the political arena.

These robes represent the roots of a man who would become known as “Old
Man Ontario” or “The Laird of Lindsay” -  the 16th Premier of Ontario. 
Frost enjoyed the distinction of leading the province during the economic
boom of the 1950’s. History has not forgotten the combination of
progressive policies, small town values and low-key approach to politics
that earned Lesley Frost the nickname of “The Great Tranquilizer”.
Lesley Frost’s barrister’s robes are special to our museum not only
because of Frost’s local connection, being born in Orillia and resting at
Lindsay’s Riverside Cemetery, but also because he defended the last man
sentenced to hang at the Lindsay Jail. Like the building housing our
museum these barrister’s robes remind today’s society of a harsh and more
somber time in the history of our justice system.