Thunder Bay Art Gallery Exhibition

Damon Dowbak: meditations on colour and form
Until September 8, 2013

“The idea of playing with light and colours has always been intriguing to me. I began my arts career as a photographer and painter on canvas. Using the skills and concepts of a photographer and painter I then began to transfer some of those skills and concepts into the design and fabrication of glass including the combination of canvas and carved plexi-glass.  As a photographer and painter, I was very inspired by how light could be manipulated and played with as part of the artistic process. In working with the medium of glass I have had the opportunity to develop a very strong understanding and respect for the many aspects of light.   Working with light and color has taken me into deeper realms of creative process. I’m inspired by the natural world, poetry and music.”

- Damon Dowbak

With a career spanning over three decades, multidisciplinary Thunder Bay artist Damon Dowbak’s most recent work bridges together the three seemingly different genres of painting, glassmaking and architecture. For Dowbak, shifting between these artistic fields come naturally. Trained as a painter and photographer, and also noted locally as an accomplished Jazz musician, these new works combine the size and scale of modern architecture, the luminosity of a painter’s palette and the understanding of light reflection of a glassmaker. meditations on colour and form is both an experiential exhibit that unifies our perceptivity on the inflections of light, built forms and the bold vibrancy of colour.



Thunder Bay Art Gallery
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Adults $3 | Seniors & Students $1.50 | Under 12 Free
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