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These moccasins feature beautiful stitching and handiwork and are extremely well preserved.
"I chose these beautiful threadwork moccasins for the Canada 150+ Online Collection because they have literally traveled across a large part of Canada! These hand stitched moccasins were worn by my great grandmother in the early 1900’s at Frog Lake, Alberta. They represent a journey that my great grandmother took from Simcoe County to western Canada and back again. They were donated to the Simcoe County Museum by my grandmother Rev. Frances Lightbourn in the early 1970s and were showcased in a temporary exhibit at the SCM titled Faves from the Cave." - Curated by Emily Cox, Simcoe County Museum
These moccasins represent the journeys that many people took when they traveled throughout our vast country, whether they were emigrating from another Province or country to a new home or traveling to visit with others.
These moccasins teach our students (of all ages) that art and beauty have always been cherished and part of many different cultures. They are also important reminders of the settlement of Canada, and even vacationing in Canada, and what an insurmountable task it must have seemed to be so many years ago to travel across Canada.


Moccasins (O 1971.11.15)
Name: Moccasins
Accession number: 1971.11.15
Dimensions: approx. 8 cm tall and 20 cm long