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Culture Chats at Lunch
Until May 28, 2021 (Starts at 12:00 PM)

Infuse some culture into your lunch break!

Oshawa’s galleries, libraries, archives, and museums have been actively engaging the community virtually through the pandemic. We’re collaborating on a series of programs to share stories and talks with our audiences over the coming months.

Join one of Oshawa’s cultural organizations every Friday at 12PM starting March 12 for a fun, accessible series of talks and programs intended to support connection and well-being.

To participate, simply click on the links below each session to join. There is no need to pre-register. Keep an eye out for new sessions added to this page!

Presented in collaboration with the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, Oshawa Museum, Oshawa Public Libraries, the Canadian Automotive Museum, and Parkwood National Historic Site.

Upcoming Chats:

April 23 – The Canadian Automotive Museum

Oshawa’s Automotive Community: 1867-1937

From a humble 19th century carriage works to the largest automotive assembly plant in North America, Oshawa, Ontario has produced more than 20 million transportation vehicles. The legacy of producing carriages and automobiles has shaped a unique community, which continues to evolve in the 21st century. Join Canadian Automotive Museum Curator, Alexander Gates and Special Project Coordinator, Dumaresq de Pencier as they explore Oshawa’s automotive community origins up through the 1930s. This talk will include an overview of the McLaughlin Carriage Works, the development of the first McLaughlin-Buick automobiles, the formation of General Motors Canada, and the boom years of the 1920s.

April 30 – The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Lyonel Feininger (American, 1871-1956), High Houses III, 1917, oil on canvas. Gift of Isabel McLaughlin, 1987.

Stories Behind the Art Part II

Storytelling forges connections between people and ideas, making it a powerful and effective tool in talking about art. The Robert McLaughlin Gallery’s Curator of Collections, Sonya Jones, will share stories that bring new meaning and appreciation to the artwork in the gallery’s collection, that are both interesting and entertaining.

May 7 – Oshawa Museum

Chinese-Canadian History: An Oshawa Perspective

Since 2002, May has been declared Asian Heritage Month in Canada. The history of Asian immigration in Canada can be traced back to more than one hundred and fifty years ago when Chinese workers arrived in the west coast and joined the workers to build the Pacific Railway in the mid-nineteenth century. Asian Canadians not only physically helped to build Canada, but also culturally enriched its diversity, which has become an important characteristic of Canada. This talk will focus on the long, and at times difficult, history of Chinese immigration to Canada from the perspective of local families and their experiences.

May 14 – Oshawa Public Libraries

Find Yourself Here: The History of Oshawa’s Public Library Service

Library service has a rich history in Oshawa, beginning in 1864 as a reading room in the Oshawa Mechanic’s Institute. As Oshawa grew from village to town to city, we grew along with it and we will explore this evolution through documents and images. 157 years have seen a lot of changes to the services we offer, but the core of what we do remains the same – connecting people to information and each other.

May 21 – The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum

Into the Trenches

Learn more about the history and development of the Ontario Regiment RCAC. In 1914 Canada is embroiled in a conflict of Global proportions… The Great War. The 34th Ontario Battalion is quick to prepare for War and raises two Canadian Expeditionary Force Battalions to serve overseas for the first time in our history.

May 28 – Parkwood National Historic Site

Parkwood Hunters and Jumpers

Join Parkwood as we explore the history and stories associated with the equestrian stables and the legacy of the hunters and jumpers of Parkwood Stables, when it was located on the 12 acres of the Estate, in the years before 1934.


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The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, Oshawa Museum, Oshawa Public Libraries, the Canadian Automotive Museum, and Parkwood National Historic Site