Moore Museum Program

Community Christmas Celebrations: Traditions of the World Arrive with the Settlers
Until December 17, 2020

For Kindergarten students, this program provides an opportunity for exploring a part of the community, with hands-on activities.

Grade 2 students studying Changing Family and Community Traditions will learn about the Christmas traditions brought to our community by early settlers from many countries.  This will allow students to gather information on past traditions and celebrations of Christmas for classroom discussion of continuity and change in the various holiday traditions of their families today.

Grade 3 students studying Communities in Canada, 1780 – 1850 will explore 19th century Christmas celebrations of the early settlers of our community, and visit the log cabin and one-room school.  This information gathering will provide background for comparing early settler life and Christmas celebrations to life and holiday celebrations today.

This information gathering will take place through engaging activities:

  • a visit to our log cabin, decorated for a pioneer family Christmas, and our one-room schoolhouse
  • the fun of a pioneer taffy pull
  • a tour highlighting decorations and celebrations of the various countries from which the early settlers arrived in our community
  • creating a tree decoration to take home

Times available:               9:30 to 11:30 or 12:30 to 2:30 (times may be adapted somewhat)

Max. number:                   50 students


Moore Museum, Mooretown, ON
Target Audience: 
grades JK to 4
$4.50 per student
Contact for Booking / Reservation: 
Laurie Mason 519-867-2020 or