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“Circa 75” Stereo Console, 1967

“Circa 75” Stereo Console, 1967

“Circa 75” Stereo Console, 1967

Electrohome Limited, Deilcraft Division

65 cm high x 91 cm diameter


Electrohome Limited has a long history of innovation in the City of Kitchener. Arthur Pollock founded the company (1907) under the name ‘Pollock Manufacturing’ to manufacture phonographs. Renamed Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited in 1933, the firm manufactured small appliances, radios, and electric motors. In 1937, the furniture division ‘Deilcraft’ (from the first four letters of the company’s name) was introduced, manufacturing dining room and bedroom sets in addition to radio cabinets. It quickly grew to become one of Canada’s largest cabinet plants.


This particular console is a combination radio-turntable-intercom-television-telephone prototype, called the “Circa 75”. For 1967, this unit was ahead of its time, although it ultimately did not go into production. Connected to a control chair, the console allowed the user to do everything: answer the door, order groceries via video phone, listen to music wired throughout the house, and speak via intercom.


This console exemplifies innovation in technology, for which Waterloo Region is renowned. Remarkably, local inventors were at the forefront of technological advances that have inspired ones we know today, in Canada’s centennial year.