Huron County Museum Exhibition

Image of artifacts that are part of the furniture collection.
Stories from Storage: Have a Seat
Until November 5, 2023

The Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol collection holds a variety of artifacts donated over the last 70 years. Through regular review, the collection is assessed for relevance, condition, documentation, and potential for further research and exhibition.  As portions of the collection are brought out for examination, visitors are invited to enjoy these stories from storage!

Stories from Storage opens with an exploration of the chairs found in the Museum’s collection.

A chair is defined by the dictionary as “a piece of furniture for one person to sit on, with a back, a seat and four legs” but there is so much more to this basic piece of furnishing. Do you notice the chair in spaces around you? Chairs are seldom the focus but are a necessary item in most rooms.

Over 125 chairs can be found in the Museum’s main storage, current permanent exhibitions, and Historic Gaol collections. Within the collection, several were handmade or locally produced, some were used in local institutions, many passed through family and friends, and others have little to no local provenance. We continue to investigate each piece to determine its place in our collection.

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