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Courageous Conversations: Connecting Black History to 2022 with Rosemary Sadlier OOnt

Heritage Mississauga welcomes Rosemary Sadlier OOnt (Order of Ontario) for her presentation of Courageous Conversations: Connecting Black History to 2022.

In this talk, we will examine some significant elements of African Canadian History as connected to and distinct from the United States. In the process, why we have a Black History Month and why it is necessary will be explored as will some contemporary matters that challenge all Canadians. Rosemary Sadlier OOnt (Order of Ontario) is a social justice advocate, researcher, writer, consultant, and international speaker on Black History, anti-racism and women’s issues. She is the past President, serving for 22 years as the unpaid leader of the Ontario Black History Society.
She was the driving force of the secured commemoration of February as Black History Month at all levels of government; she secured August 1st as Emancipation Day municipally in 1995 and provincially in 2008 with a national declaration recently passed now making this a national commemoration in Canada. She saw to the creation of the national day for the Hon. Lincoln Alexander.
She has given deputations to the UN Rapporteur on Race Relations, the Federal and Provincial Governments and on consultative work with the Royal Ontario Museum, the CMHR, The Ward Heritage Interpretative Group, the Bi-National Study of the Underground Railroad and heritage conferences Previously she served on the final selection committee of the national Mathieu Da Costa Challenge for Canadian Heritage and the Canada Post Stamp Advisory Committee.
An educator, she has developed or contributed to African Canadian curriculum, national exhibits and publications. She was an appointed member of the College of Early Childhood Educators. An author, Sadlier has written seven books on African Canadian history. A consultant, she effects diversity, equity and inclusion projects, and, recently was appointed Equality Lead for the Americas and the Caribbean with the Royal Commonwealth Society. Sadlier is dedicated to social justice and using the frame of Black History, seeks to educate and empower others.
We would like to thank the Community Foundation of Mississauga and the City of Mississauga - Municipal Government for their support to help us bring this important series to Mississauga. Recommended Reading: Black History Africa, The Caribbean And The Americas by Rosemary Sadlier (Author), Gregory Birkett (Author), Derek Grant (Author), Tony Colaiacovo (Contributor), Ben Sichei (Contributor) Harriet Tubman: Freedom Seeker, Freedom Leader by Rosemary Sadlier