Gallery Arcturus Exhibition

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“Stilled Moments” and “Looking for Sky” – CONTACT Photography
Until June 23, 2023 (12:00 PM - 5:30 PM)

Joachim Oepkes and Gustavo Jabbaz have found inspiration for their photography walking city streets. See their work in the main floor exhibits spaces of Gallery Arcturus, a free public art museum in downtown Toronto. The gallery has taken part in the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival for many years and regularly exhibits installations of many media including photo images as well as collage, sculptures in stone, plaster and wood as well as paintings, pastels and drawings.

In Looking for Sky Gustavo Jabbaz observes that the continual building of towers has left people in the city core walking in permanent shade and with a diminished view of the sky. His work documents the movement of people on their way to somewhere; a crowded expanse digitally collaged to amplify and extend.

In Stilled Moments, Joachim Oepkes' eye zooms in on portraits, sculpted faces from far off places and times, stilled moments of individual expression. Each of these bodies of work have constructed spaces for the viewer to experience. Curator Deborah Harris contributes a response to the work as part of the installations. Gallery Arcturus is supported by The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art.

Exhibition continues to the end of June except closed Sat June 24 and Sat, july 1.  

Hours:  Tues – Sat  12noon – 5:30pm

[Opening Reception was May 6]

The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art

The Genesis Gallery:
All installations by deborah harris
Up North Gallery:
Ascending Gallery:
+ mobile sculpture, painting, pastel +
Collage Gallery:
rotating works including harris, Boyd, Kimura
The Library:
.Floyd Kuptana sculpture from the permanent collection + an indoor garden.

The Dark Room:


The Drawing Room:


The Studio:

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