Gallery Arcturus Insider's Look

crossing the threshold -- a visit inside Gallery Arcturus

Watching passersby as they look up at the door's tapestry ... wondering if they should risk climbing the stairs to find out what is actually going on inside. This video is a sneak preview of Gallery Arcturus at 80 Gerrard Street East. Come any and all and see for yourself.

This video was created by Eron Boyd and artist-in-residence deborah harris for the 2016 exhibit CIRCUS -- it is also a good example of experiencing the five galleries inside this public art museum.

More videos made at the gallery:

May 7 - June 18, 2016 ALONG FOR THE RIDE:
Completed 'Circus' exhibit, featuring photography by Simeon Posen of the CNE midway, a part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.