Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre Exhibition

Image of mother and children interacting with exhibit
When the Earth Shakes
Until November 6, 2021

Hold on tight...get ready for earthquakes and tsunamis!

Delve into the science of earthquakes, tectonic plates and tsunamis, and what earthquake engineers are doing to make our world safer. Jump up and down on a platform and try to match the seismogram from an historic earthquake. Spin the dial through geologic history and watch how the continents move and reform. See where earthquakes are happening all around the world in real time, and much more!

Journey through a variety of interactive elements to learn more! Can you sound like an earthquake? How quickly can you assemble a map of the earth? Be an engineer, design and build model structures and test your structure to see if it would make it through an earthquake. See what happens when waves crash on the beach in the 16’ long tsunami tank.


This exhibition was developed by Sciencentre in Ithaca, New York, with funding from the National Science Foundation and NEES, the National Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation.



33 Victoria St, Southampton Ontario
Target Audience: 
Families and Adults
Members Free General Admission applies
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