Thunder Bay Art Gallery Program

Outdoor Painting Workshop
Jusqu'au August 26, 2013 (10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)

 Outdoor Painting Workshop

  Date:   Sunday September 15, 2013

Time:   10 am – 2:00 pm
Instructor:   Luke Nicol - Luke is an experienced outdoor landscape painter….. his main theme for the day will be painting trees….but all topics related to outdoor landscape painting are open for discussion.

·    Participants will meet at Seaman Park – see directions below(If the weather does not cooperate we will start at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery.)
·    Luke will give a  talk about his practice while he demonstrates using acrylic.
·    Paint, paint, paint (if you want to bring watercolour instead of acrylic that is fine – but demonstration will be in acrylic) Luke will give one on one instruction.
·    We will finish the day with another demonstration and discussion. 

·    clothing for a day spent outdoors and snacks, simple packed lunch, water.
·    Art supplies – if you are experienced then you know what you want …if this is new to you here are some suggestions: a canvas 11x14 or slightly larger,  brushes (if using acrylic at least two flats – different sizes -your choice size 2 - 12)note: brights and filberts are good too, selection of acrylic paints- Painted Turtle / Baggage Building has a simple starter set available,  jar to hold water, cup for rinsing, spritzer bottle with water (found to be very handy at our last workshop), cloth or paper towel for wiping brushes on, palette (this can be purchased or you can improvise – a large margerine lid works ok, • disposable paper palette makes cleaning up easy.• A moisture-retaining palette with a solid lid makes it easy to transport your paints, a camera can be handy and finally you will need a back pack to carry everything.

·    Directions: a google maps link to the area. It's called Seaman Park; on Arundel at the corner of Lyon Blvd, on the Centennial side of the bridge. There is a parking lot right there, so it's very accessible.