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Muséoparc Vanier Museopark Circuits
Jusqu'au March 30, 2016

Come and discover Circuit Vanier!

Circuit Vanier was born in the summer of 2008 from an initiative of the Vanier Museopark in collaboration with the tourism organization Direction Ontario.

These heritage walks in the Ottawa region showcase the numerous treasures in the Quartier Vanier, including the murals of Publi’Art as well as various architectural or natural points of interest.

Guided tours from the Vanier Museopark are available for all the walking tours. The cost of a tour is $5 per person for one circuit (minimum of $25).

Please contact the Vanier Museopark for more information about the guided tours at 613-580-2424 ext. 32001 or at

You can also download printable guides of the circuits:

Richelieu Park Circuit
Beechwood Circuit
Montreal Circuit
McArthur Circuit

Muséoparc Vanier Museopark
Public cible: 
All Ages
$5 per person for one circuit (min. of 5 participants)
Contact pour réservations: 
613-580-2424 ext. 32001 or at