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The niqab shown here was worn by resident Zunera Ishaq during her Canadian Citizenship ceremony in October 2015.  Zunera gained international and national attention for her desire to wear her niqab while taking the oath to become a Canadian citizen.   Her story resonates not only within Mississauga but with others across Ontario and Canada. This is a global conversation.  It sparked a country wide conversation regarding the choice to wear the niqab and issue of accommodating religious freedom in a democratic society.   It is an important story for our collection to share with future generations.   It represents a moment in Canadian history that has historical relevance that needs to be remembered and shared for the future.

Mississauga has grown to become Ontario’s third largest city and the sixth largest city in Canada.  It is home to over 74 distinct ethnic groups; over half of those living in Mississauga were born elsewhere.

 The Museums connect and share with the community artifacts and stories that reflect the truly global social fabric of our city.  The Museums of Mississauga focus on Living Heritage including those that focus on the inspiring stories of our residents in Mississauga. 

Object Details:

Name : Niqab

Accession Number :2015.20.1        

Dimensions: 128 cm x 140 cm

Material: polyester

Curator: Stuart Keeler