Woodstock Museum N.H.S. Exhibition

Old photo of family in horse and carriage during winter with text Keeping Warm
Keeping Warm
Until April 25, 2020

“Boy, is it cold outside!” is the official Canadian winter greeting.

 But why? Isn’t winter supposed to be cold? Or are Canadians just obsessed with the weather?

Through the Museum’s collection, this exhibition looks at how rural Canadians learned to survive and deal with dark cold winters. Some have even learned to love and thrive in our northern climate.

Historically, as well as today, Canadians came from different places and held many different views, but we all have to physically manage day to day life in the cold and snow, whether we’re travelling through it, shoveling it or just hiding inside from it. Maybe today, if we can agree on nothing else, we can all complain about the winter.

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