Niagara Historical Society & Museum Exhibition

Camp Kosciuszko: The Polish Army at Niagara Camp, 1917-1919
Until November 15, 2018

With Canada’s entry into the First World War, training camps were needed for the Canadian Expeditionary Force; in 1915 some 21,000 men and women received basic and special training at Niagara Camp, with another 16,000 the following year. With recruitment dropping off, the camp sat vacant in 1917. When the creation of a Polish Army was sanctioned by the United States in September 1917, Niagara Camp was chosen as the location to train a Polish Army-in-exile; this part of the camp would become known as Camp Kościuszko. Camp Kościuszko explores the story of thousands (22,395 to be exact) of Polish soldiers who went through the training facility at Niagara Camp from October 1917 to March 1919, before being shipped off to fight in France and to free Poland from 123 years of foreign occupation.





Memorial Hall Gallery
Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto and The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 621—Polish Veterans
Polonia Canadian Institute for Historical Studies