Museum of Ontario Archaeology Exhibition

Earth & Fire: The Craft and Form of Ontario Earthenware Pottery Traditions
Until December 20, 2018

Archaeologists recognize pottery of many shapes, sizes, and purposes as one of the most common artifact types found on archaeological sites, almost anywhere around the world. Made of earth and hardened by fire, even fragments of pottery can endure as archaeological evidence for thousands of years, providing insight into domestic foodways and an artisanal craft that continues to thrive, today.

This exhibit explores the materials and processes involved in making earthenware pottery from ancient examples originating from what is now the province of Ontario, to modern experiences of creating pots from a local clay source. Follow this narrative as it is shared through three voices: The Archaeologist, the Traditional Knowledge Keeper, and the Potter.

Museum of Ontario Archaeology
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London Heritage Council
FUSION: the Ontario Clay and Glass Association
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