Gallery Arcturus Exhibition

image of the exhibit
Floyd Kuptana Gallery: work in stone, bone and on paper
Until December 22, 2018 (12:00 PM - 5:30 PM)

See new sketches in pastel and chalk along with pieces in the permanent collection made from soapstone and bone.

Floyd Kuptana is a fearless and fiercely original Inuit artist. His sculptures and paintings explore an Indigenous way of seeing, exposing its shamanistic roots. Floyd frequently collaborates with Gallery Arcturus artist-in-residence deborah harris.

The Kuptana Gallery is located in the second-floor library -- where you are also welcome to stay and review our collection of art books.

Plus, there are four more gallery spaces in our building. Check our site or Facebook for current shows.

Our hours: Tuesday to Friday, noon to 5:30. On Saturdays we open an hour earlier.

The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art


Gallery Arcturus second floor: Kuptant Gallery & Library & Collage Gallery
The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art