Gallery Arcturus Exhibition

an image from the exhibit The Language of Gesture
"The Language of Gesture" in the Genesis Gallery
Until April 29, 2017 (12:00 PM - 5:30 PM)

On now in the Genesis Gallery at the public art museum Gallery Arcturus: the exploration of “what is necessity?” continues in a new installation exhibit, The Language of Gesture

The beginning of a new body of work, exploring the universal language of gesture found in the expressions of hands.

Photographs by Ayokah Beauchamp. More images of the show:

Installations by deborah harris and Sae Kimura. From their art blog:

 “We began with a question, 'what is the language of gesture?'

“An idea arrives, not as words but as a vision, not quite distinct. We search for and find materials to make the vision manifest. But then the process begins and materials have a mind of their own, conforming to weight and gravity, light and shadow and what happens is something of a miracle, a total surprise that we feel privileged to be witness to.”

Gallery Arcturus main floor
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