Oil Heritage District Driving Tour
Oil Heritage District Driving Tour
Jusqu'au October 5, 2020

During the months of May to October the Oil Museum of Canada, National Historic Site offers a self-directed driving tour starting at the museum’s driveway entrance.

2020 we are offering this tour, free of charge. Download the Oil Heritage District Driving Tour map, print it out at home and head to Oil Springs. Keep an eye out for marking signs indicating the stop and pause at each one along the 8 km tour. Tune in to the corresponding FM frequency and learn about the historic oil fields surrounding you. Participants set the pace of this tour. At various points along the route, drivers are encouraged to step out of their cars to further explore the history of the site.

Through this tour you are guided to different sites that trace the evolution of oil from its humble 19th century beginnings, through its 20th century growth into the future of energy production and innovation in the 21st century and beyond.

The tour finishes at the Fairbank home. Feel free to drive up to the barn for a closer look at arguably the most photographed barn in Southwestern Ontario and say hi to a donkey and sheep or two.

Please note the sculptures at stop 4 are under repair and expected to return spring 2021.

Fairbank Oil Fields