Gallery Arcturus Événement

an image of work in the Genesis Gallery
What are we waiting for? - in the main gallery at Arcturus
Jusqu'au March 2, 2019 (Starts at 12:00 PM)

An exhibit in the Genesis Gallery, with paintings by E.J. Gold. Also see work by deborah harris, Sae Kimura and Camie Geary-Martin.


What are we waiting for?


The unexpected guest
The weather to change
inspiration, invitation, exhaltation.
The perfect circumstance
To surround us with abundance.
The fortitude to keep waiting


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Also on in Gallery Arcturus’ five exhibit spaces:
+ On the second floor: The Kuptana Gallery.
+ In the Collage Gallery: "Speaker’s Corner”
+ In the Ascending and Up North Galleries: McConnachie, harris, Kimura, Kuptana.
+ More work, especially collage, can be seen in the lower studio

The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art

Gallery Arcturus - main floor [stairs required to access]
The Foundation for the Study of Objective Art